Bringing Organic Cotton Candy to San Diego and Beyond

Hi! I’m Vanessa and I have always had a crazy sweet tooth, but felt guilty about eating candy. Not only am I consuming sugar, I have to take in all the preservatives and additives found in most sweets. I wanted to create something that satisfied the sugar craving but didn’t leave you with all the guilt. I turned to cotton candy because the classic, sweet, fluffy confection brings you back to happy memories of being young, smiling with your family and experiencing your first carnival or circus.

What a lot of folks don’t realize is that cotton candy is actually not that much sugar. It only take one tablespoon of sugar to spin a cloud of cotton candy. That is less than what most people put in their coffee. And I should know, I used to manage coffee shops and would see it everyday.

While cotton candy has been around forever, what I haven’t really seen is an all natural cotton candy, no additive and no preservative, with fun and funky flavors. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that this is where I wanted to be; at the forefront of organic cotton candy.

So I reached out to my friends that are chefs with my idea and they told me I was crazy, which only made me want to do it all the more. So we got in the kitchen and started cooking. We created a special method to create reductions from fruits, vegetables and herbs and then combine them with sugar. It took some experimenting and a couple machines, as we burnt the first one, but it was all worth it. Get Fluffed Up’s recipes were born and perfected. Today you can experience our fun and funky flavors anytime by ordering them online, stopping by one of our stores that carry our cotton candy or at an event where we are spinning.

Whether you order here or find me at an event I look forward to making you smile.